Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Horisont 2011

The previous weekend saw me attending the Horisont con in Esbjerg, Where I played the part of judge for the painting competition, as well as demoing my 15mm skirmish game board -->

The idea of doing small encounters in 15mm was spawned at last years Horisont event, so it seemed only fitting that I would bring it along this year. It seemed to draw a lot of attention, and I can only recommend people give this great scale a try.

Dropship Horizon recently posted an article on the whole subject of 15mm skirmish gaming, with the same opinions as mine, but with much better writing. Go read:

Dropship Horizon

Below is a little video from the event, featuring yours truly and his little demogame setup. In danish, video courtesy of 9K Painting.


As for the painting competition, I present you with a selection of great models from our four talented winners:

Diorama by Mads Riber. This years Youngblood gold winner of the UK Golden Demons, shows us how a proper, classic diorama should look.

Werewolf by Sabine ( sorry, forgotten your last name. Must learn to take notes!), best single miniature. Great use of contrast and colour makes this model stand out in a really tough categori.

Chaos dwarf Bloodbowl team by Jakob Warming. Bold and brutal, as befits a violent sports team. Highly saturated colours really suit the subject.

Best sculpt, little demon guy, by Bent Ejaas. Not the most contested category, a worthy winner none the less. A very characteristic sculpt.

The winners all lined up:

Competition pictures courtesy of Lords Assembly.

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

More Orkiness!

I´m pretty heavily into GorkaMorka at the moment, and tonights workbench update reflects this. First up is more work on the Diggamob, they are starting to take shape.

At the same time I have been working on adding a smaller scale version of the game, converting Flames of War vehicles and modifying fantasy orks from Splintered Light miniatures.

For Diggas I plan to finish the paintjobs on these Khurasan post apoc outlaws:

The great bit is, I can easily use all the models for other rulesets. Half the hobby time, twice the end product = very satisfying work :)

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Its such a silly game..

And you just gotta love it for it.

We have recently started playing the game GorkaMorka in my games club, and are continually reminded how unbalanced and unfair a game revolving around orks driving carwrecks around a desert can be. Most games are decided simply by who rolls the best dice. I will try and record some battlereports from our campaign to demonstrate what I mean. But I think you can imagine an game about ork mayhem is not exactly rich on strategy...

More importantly though, playing GorkaMorka is a good excuse to touch on some fairly free modelling exercises, such as modifying tanks and cars with a hammer, to make them suitably Orky!

My ork mob will be a subject for a later date ( as they are at the club, and I´m not..) so instead I will show of the early stages of my other orkish mob, the Diggas.

Diggamobs are one of the factions included with the Digganob expansion, the two others being rebel grots ( goblin communists) and Muties ( Noble mutants on horseback). The Diggas are humans, the descendants of the human population before the orks crashed on the planet and took over management. In a society rules by greenskins, the best way to get ahead in life is to be an ork. So the Diggas gather together in mobs, and emulate the orks in every way they can.
Diggas obviously provide a lot of opportunity to get dirty with a really mad style of warband. So I had to have some!

I thought a bit about appropriate models to use. Theres the official Diggas, sculpted by Paul Muller. Awesome sculpts, but a bit on the small size compared to modern miniatures, and hard to come by. You could modify some plastic chaos marauders - But thats a bit too easy. Then there is the Human Bloodbowl team, with its spiky armour and dynamic poses - a good option! In the end I went through to the bottom of my bitsbox, and dug out a bunch of Celtos Gael miniatures. Stripped down barbarians with kilts = Perfect foundation for Diggafication! Just add orky bits!

The first five models, more or less ready for adding the sculpted details:

 The Nob: Nothing says "Ork" quite like huge fucking shoulderplates.
 Shooty boys. Note the use of gretchin torso on the left. Orky topknot and knifeified helmet adds to the orky feel.
 Fighty boys ( and girls). The Digga on the right uses an ork skull for a shoulder guard. I need more copies of that bit!

Until the next time: WAAAGH! ...and see you soon :)
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