Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Horisont 2011

The previous weekend saw me attending the Horisont con in Esbjerg, Where I played the part of judge for the painting competition, as well as demoing my 15mm skirmish game board -->

The idea of doing small encounters in 15mm was spawned at last years Horisont event, so it seemed only fitting that I would bring it along this year. It seemed to draw a lot of attention, and I can only recommend people give this great scale a try.

Dropship Horizon recently posted an article on the whole subject of 15mm skirmish gaming, with the same opinions as mine, but with much better writing. Go read:

Dropship Horizon

Below is a little video from the event, featuring yours truly and his little demogame setup. In danish, video courtesy of 9K Painting.


As for the painting competition, I present you with a selection of great models from our four talented winners:

Diorama by Mads Riber. This years Youngblood gold winner of the UK Golden Demons, shows us how a proper, classic diorama should look.

Werewolf by Sabine ( sorry, forgotten your last name. Must learn to take notes!), best single miniature. Great use of contrast and colour makes this model stand out in a really tough categori.

Chaos dwarf Bloodbowl team by Jakob Warming. Bold and brutal, as befits a violent sports team. Highly saturated colours really suit the subject.

Best sculpt, little demon guy, by Bent Ejaas. Not the most contested category, a worthy winner none the less. A very characteristic sculpt.

The winners all lined up:

Competition pictures courtesy of Lords Assembly.

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