Thursday, December 29, 2011

"Nicolai" Supersculpey and acrylic paint, 140mm tall.
Portrait of my godmothers grandson, sculpted for Christmas 2011.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

15mm Crews

It dawns on me that I have talked about my enthusiasm for playing skirmish games in 15mm scale, yet I haven´t actually posted specific pictures of the models I painted up for it.

So here are the groups, at least the ones I have pictures of at the moment:

RAFM Powered Armoured Infantry.
Imperial Troopers from the Laserburn range.

Not sure about these.. Old Traveller minis, I think?

 Khurasan aliens and crabmen.

Bountyhunting Bears. Khurasan.

Giant Demon Aliens. Again, Khurasan.

Hope you enjoyed those :) I have hundreds more in the cupboard waiting for paint, so expect more of these.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

15mm Cultists WIP

I made these. They´re not quite done. They´re tiny. I have another 3 on the corks.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Workdesk photos and WIPs

Haven´t had a chance to sit down and do much proper work over the past week, though I did manage to find time to clean up my little workarea. A good opportunity to do a project round-up photoshoot.

( From left to right: Adeptus Mechanicus girl sculpt, first paint on a member of my Digga crew, Epic scale Demon prince sculpt, five Heresy Blights, couple of crooked men for my Malifaux Ressurectionists, the start of an Ortega crew for Malifaux and in front row, five 15mm snakemen with guns. )

This is my workdesk on a good day. Nice, clean and simple.

One of the things that has kept me from doing much work isn´t so much a lack of time, lack though there always be.. Its more a matter of falling victim to procrastination, and not being properly organised. Jakob mentions this recently on his blog and I find it to be very true for many of us. You get into a habit of putting off work until you have a whole evening or day to paint - and then in reality that day never comes. When it does come, I often end up having to use the time cleaning my desk instead of working.

Now I am not a slow painter. I average about 1-2 hours painting a miniature to a decent degree ( much less for the 15mills). It should be possible for me to get stuff produced, if I just throw 15 and 30 minutte sessions at my projects. What that requires though, is a clean, accessible area to work in.

My guild models are a good example of this practise. They might as well have been metal coloured right now, but I spent 30 minuttes one day prepping them with the airbrush, an another 45 minuttes the next day blocking in base colours. If I can only find sessions like that on a regular basis, I will have a painted group in no time. Instead of just thinking about it.

My new motto favorite is this:

Print out and hang above you work area. It will make you work better. Faster. Harder Etc.

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Leveticus, Steampunk Necromancer & Friends

Unpainted miniatures time!

This is my Leveticus crew for Malifaux, using mainly proxied and converted models. I needed more models for this crew than Wyrd produces, so I decided I might as well go all the way, and scratch build the crew.

Leveticus himself, and his Hollow Waifs, are straight out of the box because I think they are perfectly fine, well done models. Everything else I found a replacement for.
Rusty Alice, Leveticus faithfully disillusioned sidekick I based on an Escher juve, suitably modified to match the character. I did this mainly because I am not a fan of the existing design, and also this model looked more like a teenager to me.

The Steampunk Abominations are based on Mantics zombies and ghouls with plenty of kit components and clockwork bits stuck on top.
The same goes for the two Desolation engines, with the bodies being build up from a frame of Privateer Press Death Chickens.

The Ashes and Dust cost me all my spare wire, but I think its going the right direction. It will end up covered in flock to resemble a sandstorm, with claws and stuff sculpted on top.

Finally I have Ryle ( cyborg heavygunner) who is basically just a straight up Hasslefree Jotun with a gunswap. His friend, the convict gunslinger based on Heresy´s "The Major", is not part of this crew, but snuck in here because he was done at the same time :)

All still very WIP and subject to changes.


Friday, December 02, 2011

Welcome to Malifaux

 As far as competitive miniature games go, Malifaux is the only one that really keeps me coming back. I have several crews on the go, with my main focus being on the resurrectionists faction.

Plenty minis to add yet, here is the completely finished parts of Nicodems crew so far.

Nicodem, the Undertaker

Bete Noire

Grave Spirit

Desperate Mercenary ( Hasslefree Jenova with a weaponswap)



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