Thursday, December 22, 2011

15mm Crews

It dawns on me that I have talked about my enthusiasm for playing skirmish games in 15mm scale, yet I haven´t actually posted specific pictures of the models I painted up for it.

So here are the groups, at least the ones I have pictures of at the moment:

RAFM Powered Armoured Infantry.
Imperial Troopers from the Laserburn range.

Not sure about these.. Old Traveller minis, I think?

 Khurasan aliens and crabmen.

Bountyhunting Bears. Khurasan.

Giant Demon Aliens. Again, Khurasan.

Hope you enjoyed those :) I have hundreds more in the cupboard waiting for paint, so expect more of these.


  1. very nice! makes me want to get back to my 15mm projects

  2. Well get on it then :) If memory serves me, your 15mill stuff looked real nice.

  3. Wow! Only just come across this post-really nicely painted minis, Sonny! Do you know if the Khurasan Giant Demon Aliens are a similar size to the GZG figures that they resemble?

    1. Nope, havent seen the GZG ones so can´t compare. The Khurasan demons are 25mm from foot to top of head, if that helps any.

  4. What all rule sets do you use to play with such small forces? I really like the idea of having a bunch of small armies for Skirmish gaming.


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