Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Leveticus, Steampunk Necromancer & Friends

Unpainted miniatures time!

This is my Leveticus crew for Malifaux, using mainly proxied and converted models. I needed more models for this crew than Wyrd produces, so I decided I might as well go all the way, and scratch build the crew.

Leveticus himself, and his Hollow Waifs, are straight out of the box because I think they are perfectly fine, well done models. Everything else I found a replacement for.
Rusty Alice, Leveticus faithfully disillusioned sidekick I based on an Escher juve, suitably modified to match the character. I did this mainly because I am not a fan of the existing design, and also this model looked more like a teenager to me.

The Steampunk Abominations are based on Mantics zombies and ghouls with plenty of kit components and clockwork bits stuck on top.
The same goes for the two Desolation engines, with the bodies being build up from a frame of Privateer Press Death Chickens.

The Ashes and Dust cost me all my spare wire, but I think its going the right direction. It will end up covered in flock to resemble a sandstorm, with claws and stuff sculpted on top.

Finally I have Ryle ( cyborg heavygunner) who is basically just a straight up Hasslefree Jotun with a gunswap. His friend, the convict gunslinger based on Heresy´s "The Major", is not part of this crew, but snuck in here because he was done at the same time :)

All still very WIP and subject to changes.



  1. A very interesting projekt. I am looking forward to seeing them realised in some rusty and oily colours!
    I love the Escher juve.

  2. Just brilliant stuff!
    I've always thought the bonejack chassis had a lot of potential for conversions.


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