Friday, January 06, 2012

15mm Barbarian Step by Step

Having bought the minis, and reviewed them, it seems logical that the next thing to do is paint them:

 After cleaning and basing, the model is primed black and given a brown basecoat all over with the airbrush. This provides deep shading for the skin, and helps set the tone for the other elements on the model.

The next stages involve building up the highlights gradually with the airbrush, starting with a more sienna brown tone. I try to keep the deepest areas brown, and concentrate on hitting the model from above.

Second coat applied, with more offwhite added to the paint mix.

Final highlight with the airbrush. We now have a nice transition from dark to light to work with. Apart from adding colour to the skin, this process also forms a good base for highlighting the details and accessories on the model.

After the airbrushing stage, the model is a little washed out. I apply a sepia wash to give colour to the skin, as well as define the shadows a bit. The last highlight colour is reapplied with a brush.
It is necessary when painting 15mm to exaggerate the highlight quite dramatically, which can look crude when blown up on a computer screen, but helps make the mini "pop" on the tabletop.

The details are blocked in with  base colours. Where appropriate, I have worked with very thin paints, to allow the underlying airbrushed highlights to shine through ( espescially noticeable on the leather and shield).

 The finished model: Details are highlighted, and a bit of lining has been added to seperate the items. The base is finished with static grass and dusted with earthtoned pigments.

And because we are talking gaming miniatures, I painted a few of his allies up at the same time :)

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