Sunday, January 22, 2012

15mm Ogres

I had been thinking of adding some ogres to my growing collection of fantasy tinys, and while rummaging through my bits box earlier today, I came upon a handful of components that fit the idea well. Using mainly GW ghoul and gnoblar bits, with plenty of the Green Stuff on top, I constructed these two terrifying behemoths.

I´m not quite finished with them, as I still want to add some details that tie them into the scale, and keeps them from just being 28mm out of context.

As you can see in these pics, they work quite well when put next to a 15mm mini. Using Gnoblar torsoes helped define an awkward bodytype and keep them from being too tall. By my math, an ogre in 15mm would be around 24-26mm tall to the top of his dome.

My undead group needed a heavy hitter, so I made one of the ogres a zombie. I wonder what zombie ogres like to eat?                                      


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