Tuesday, January 03, 2012

15mm SoBH Warband

To get 2012 started, I have decided to paint up a good sized pile of fantasy 15s and get some games in.

To get started, I painted up this little group intended for games of Song of Blades and Heroes( an easy ruleset to fit models into). Hopefully 2012 will allow me to get a lot more 15s painted up, as well as a new gameboard to go with them :)

Landsknechts from Venexia, Wizard from Chariot and a plastic earth elemental from Battlelore.

The wizard ended up painted like Gandalf the Grey. It just seemed to suit the model with its classic wizard look.

The Earth Elemental was covered up with extra texture and grass, and pretty much drybrushed up along with the base. Easiest mini I painted in a long time, and I think it works great.

The Venexia landsknechts, while not being designed for fantasy gaming, fit perfectly when given a suitably bright colourscheme. I wish the range was larger, so I could build a whole army of these great minis!

PS: Taking good pictures of minis this small is really tricky!


  1. Great stuff! I love the earth elemental: the extra texture and grass is awesome. What company makes that mini?

  2. It was a promotional mini given away at conventions when Battlelore came out, I believe. Thats how I came to own it. Its available now in one of the expansion sets.

    Much like in Bloodbowl, I think most warbands in these types of games should have a big guy. It just works nicely in a visual way, and gives something special for games.

  3. Now this is what I like to see from your hands mate!

    Proper well painted 15mm stuff that makes my 28mm cry and feel ugly.


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