Thursday, January 05, 2012

Copplestone Castings 15mm Barbarians Review

Back in 2011, 15mm gamers were gifted with the first releases of Mark Copplestones new 15mm range. I finally gave in, and ordered two packs to check what they were like. I bought the Barbarian and Northlander character packs, on which this review will be based.

 First off, big respects for the service - I ordered these during Christmas, and they arrived here in Denmark on January 3rd. No holiday slack there. I was happily surprised to be able to get started on them this early in the year.

I had one concern about the scale. Given that they are on the larger side of 15mm ( 17mm scale is more accurate) and rather bulky charactertypes, I expected them to dwarf most other minis in my collection. This turns out to be partially true, they are quite large brutes the lot of them. But most fantasy 15s seem to be a little larger than the true 15mm scale, and the ones I have in my collection fit together quite well. Its mainly the Northlanders that are truly towering.. but hey, they are supposed to be :)

The detail on the miniatures are quite fantastic and sharp. The castings are of a good quality and not prone to bending or snapping, as can sometimes be a problem with 15s. For all intents and purposes,these are detailed much like smaller 28mm models, only with slight simplifications in the design such as stylised faces and weapons.

A lot of thought has clearly been put into the silhouette of the minis, which allows for some very dynamic poses in single piece castings. Impressed much, I am.

 Seen here next to uncle space marine, he don´t look so tough. I´d say he si about half the size of a 28mm mini, yes?

Put next to a FoW mini and some sci-fi minis, the scale creeps show a bit. I was thinking of converting some of the barbarians into post-apoc or sci-fi troops, but in general I think they would be a bit large against most ranges.

Line up with friendlies. From left: Chariot Wizard, Khurazan viking and on far right, Venexia Landsknecht.

Put against other fantasy and historicals, they seem about right.

Line up with enemies: Chariot ratman, Splintered Light dark elf, Blood Dawn orc, SL orc and SL goblin.

These are easily the best 15mm sculpts I have seen, in terms of pushing the detail and poses to the next level. If you have been thinking about getting in to 15mm fantasy gaming, I recommend you give this range a go.  I will defenitely be picking up more packs ( Snowtrolls, mmm..) and look forward to seing the range expand.

Enough talk, on with the painting!


  1. Thanks for the review! I've had these on my mind since I saw the release news. All my 15mm is sci-fi, at the moment, and fantasy I've thought about collecting for element-based large war games, but these make me want to try fantasy skirmish in 15mm.

  2. I think the release of these miniatures really makes Fantasy games with 15mm accesible, both for skirmish and larger games. There are quite a few Fantasy 15s around if you dig for them ( took me about two weeks of googling around back when I first wanted to get into it!) Hopefully with the exposure these have received, we will see a rise in popularity for fantasy, similar to what the sci-fi 15s have had over the past few years.


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