Sunday, January 08, 2012

Get more games in!

The other night I hung out with my friend Christian and we played a fun little game of sci-fi skirmish using the Mutants and Deathray guns rules.

I first got turned on to the idea of scaling games down to 15mm during a conversation with Christian last year. We were talking about how to get more games into our busy lives, where taking whole afternoons out to play games has become more and more challenging.

By halving the measurements of the games we usually play, we have found that we are able to fit all of the terrain and miniatures into a small box, that is easy to bring along and quick to set up. The point being that we can spend time playing games and trying out rulesets, without a massive investment of time and resources.

15mills are quick to paint, allowing a lot of varied choices for games, and I can easily paint 2 or 3 skirmish warbands in less time than doing one 28mill unit. The time this frees up can be spend actually playing games.

During early 2011 I built up a basic collection of terrain and miniatures with this idea in mind. Then I lost a bit of touch with it, because we still neglected to actually get some games in. With renewed vigor for 2012, I have decided to get back into 15mm gaming and play some more games on a regular basis.

As for the game, we spent a couple of hours familiarizing us with the rules and creating small, 5 strong groups. The game itself was quick fought and decisive, with a wipeout of my group. I spent the first couple of turns running forward, after which we realised that we had misread the rules for shooting, and I suddenly found my troops in the middle of the board with no cover..Suffice to say, it went downhill from there.

It was a few hours well spent, and I look forward to the next one!

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  1. Great board and minis! I chose 15mm scale for the same reasons as you. 5 a side (-ish) skirmish is also my preferred game size. Looking forward to seeing more of your games!


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