Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New gametable started

Work has begun, slowly but steadily, on building a better table, and getting it filled up it with terrain.

As you can tell these are early steps, with barely half of the table covered. My plan is to build plenty of rock features and trees, to cover the table in basic terrain and be able to start playing. Then I will start adding more advanced features like houses and rivers etc.

One thing I am keen to add along the way is some orc buildings similar to these from Warhammer Online:

I think something like that would make for awesome terrain pieces :)

In other, similar news, my game with Christian the other day has inspired him to start working on some fantasy terrain and warbands of his own. I think it is looking great, and I look forward to get some games in on his new terrain, which will likely be quite a bit diffent from mine.

I am sure Christian will be updating his blog with more interesting progress along the way.

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