Monday, April 23, 2012

Another two weeks to go until the Aroscon Malifaux tournament, work commences steadily on the ressectionists:

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Halfling Manager

Here is a couple of photo of a fantasy football halfling manager i sculpted for the Mini sculpture forum competition last year:

 And here are the contents of a parcel I received from Impact miniatures the other day:

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Catching up!

Long time no see!

A lot of things happened, and I lost a bit of track with the blog. Maintaining a blog is all about getting into a steady flow and keeping the content coming along. I guess I lost the overview of where we were heading, and got out of touch.

So what has been going on lately? Well for one thing I moved all my hobby stuff out of the apartment and into a workshop space, that I have set up with a group of friends. Plenty material there for another couple of posts, to start you off, here is a picture of my new desk shortly after moving in, and before proper lights were installed:

We have begun a new semester at school, which naturally takes a lot of time. We are producing a 3 minutte animation for a dinosaur exhibition in Copenhagen later in the year, and I have so far primarily been at work on sculpting and painting the Tyrannosaurus:

My current hobbyplans center around painting up my Malifaux Ressurrectionists in time for the Aroscon tournament in Denmark in early May. I will do a round up of proper photos at some point, for now here is a handfull of snapshots of my progress:

And also, I am going to be a father in November. That one distracted me for a bit.

Well, now that we have all that settled, I look forward to returning to a more steady posting schedule :)
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