Friday, October 19, 2012

Build a Warband challenge : Skulldred Warbands

Well its been a while since last i visited the blog ( to say the least). So lets skip straight to the conclusion of the last post - I ran a challenge on the danish wargames forum inviting people to 1: Paint a warband for Skulldred and 2: Play a game of Skulldred. The idea of the Build a Warband challenges being to get people involved in trying out new rulesets and settings without having to invest heavily in terms of cash and time.

The thread is in danish, but then the words are rather irrelevant.. Check this thread to see the final 6 warbands that the participants submitted at the end of the challenge.

Some of them even ended up actually playing games of Skulldred like they were supposed to! In fact they made a series of awesome battlereports that can be found on the Lead Adventure Forum. Go read: Time of The Legendary Ultra Heroes.

For my own part, I ended up prepping 40-50 miniatures, and ended up painting the following six.

And some of the stuff I still want to finish:


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