Sunday, November 25, 2012

Build a Warband Challenge - Inquisimunda

Its time for another round of the "Build a Warband" challenge over on the danish forum. The thread is in danish, but well worth a look through, as pictures of interesting minis are beginning to surface.

The game is Inquisimunda/ Inq28, and people are gathering together crazy bands of 40K characters. My own contribution is an Ordo Hereticus inquisitor and his followers, two of which can be seen here.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Fishman shaman

I have some fishmen from Khurasan, that I want to build a small warband around. I even have some fishlike monstrous creatures to go it them. What I was lacking was a leader for the group. So I did a quick sculpt, and now I am all set to paint up my next fantasy warband. Yay!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Seamus Crew

Oh look! I found something in my picture folder I had forgotten to post here - Crappy phonecam pics of the Seamus crew I painted for a Malifaux tournament in Copenhagen in October.

The crew I took to the tournament was centered 100% around models with the Terryfying ability and boardcontrol, and it took most of my opponents by surprise :) I ended up placing 7th out of 14 players, with some very close matches. This crew tends to wear down the opposition and gain their victory points in turn 5 or 6. Very effective at it too, but because of the tournament timelimit, I often did´nt get to turn 5 or 6.. Ah well, much fun was had. I love how competitive and complex a game Malifaux is, it really provides a nice contrast to some of the more casual skrimish games I usually prefer to play.

 Couple of pictures from the event, courtesy of local henchman Zkotte

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Gloria Fata Correctional

The challenge with my collection of 15s, is that I keep buying eclectic handfuls of interesting models from different companies. I have been wanting to do a Sci-Fi platoon level army in 15mm for a long time, in fact it was what initialy drew me to the scale. However I seem to be incapable of going to a website and simply order a complete army. Like the Crit Mass Battleforces for instance. Instead I buy all their mercenaries, and a few blisters/ vehicles from each faction.. oh the horrors of indecision..

Looking through my growing mountain of miss matched miniatures, I decided to start with what I got, and build from there. That led to the small force you see below, and the idea grew to expand it thematically to form a Penal Legion army. Now I need to find some suitable unarmoured, low-tech troops to form the great massed regiments of the army. I am leaning towards grabbing some french foreign legion from Blue Moon, and converting them to fit. Either that, or some Forged in Battle french troops, but I suspect the FiB minis are very small, even for 15mm. ( Can anyone help confirm exactly how tall they are?)

I am building the army towards playing games of Fireteam Andromeda, which I am looking much forward to the release of. Torben demoed me a version of the rules this summer, and it looks to be an exicting game to get into.

The elite troops of the army consists of a variety of enforcer type characters.

"The wardens" will add some heavy support to the force. After the prototype is done, I plan to build two units of 3 with various arms. Should be good support units for medium sized games.

40K pistols make great 15mm heavy weapons..

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