Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Gloria Fata Correctional

The challenge with my collection of 15s, is that I keep buying eclectic handfuls of interesting models from different companies. I have been wanting to do a Sci-Fi platoon level army in 15mm for a long time, in fact it was what initialy drew me to the scale. However I seem to be incapable of going to a website and simply order a complete army. Like the Crit Mass Battleforces for instance. Instead I buy all their mercenaries, and a few blisters/ vehicles from each faction.. oh the horrors of indecision..

Looking through my growing mountain of miss matched miniatures, I decided to start with what I got, and build from there. That led to the small force you see below, and the idea grew to expand it thematically to form a Penal Legion army. Now I need to find some suitable unarmoured, low-tech troops to form the great massed regiments of the army. I am leaning towards grabbing some french foreign legion from Blue Moon, and converting them to fit. Either that, or some Forged in Battle french troops, but I suspect the FiB minis are very small, even for 15mm. ( Can anyone help confirm exactly how tall they are?)

I am building the army towards playing games of Fireteam Andromeda, which I am looking much forward to the release of. Torben demoed me a version of the rules this summer, and it looks to be an exicting game to get into.

The elite troops of the army consists of a variety of enforcer type characters.

"The wardens" will add some heavy support to the force. After the prototype is done, I plan to build two units of 3 with various arms. Should be good support units for medium sized games.

40K pistols make great 15mm heavy weapons..


  1. I like the 'warden' robot conversion a lot : great idea!

  2. I'm working on an Alien Legion group of several squads of mixed aliens, all tied together with the same uniform colours. They can then form the support units to a smaller group of Combat Armoured or Battledress equipped troopers.

    Have just bought a fire team of Khurasan Miniatures Jasmin Throne troopers and, while all different aliens, they are tied together by using similar weapons. Also, Rebel Miniatures Pan-Galactic unit follows the same idea but, with 20 odd figures in a bag, you've pretty much got a platoon to start with.

    Don't despair - enjoy your collection :)

  3. Ooh yes, the Jasmin Throne troopers. Theres some great little minis. I had thought of mixing up a bunch of alien races as the penal troopers and decided to go a different direction. The Jasmin Throne minis might just make an appearance as a mercenary detachment though :)

  4. Nice looking force. Love the Pistol/HW conversions great idea.

  5. where are the not space marines from please?

    great little project here :)


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