Monday, January 14, 2013

Ecchlesiary warband - First models painted

6 down, 8 to go - I managed to get a good start on painting the Ecchelesiary warband for the Inquisimunda challenge on

I think these represent fairly accurately where I am at as a miniatures painter at the moment - dedicated to reckless speedpainting! These are heavily drybrushed and trashpainted, and finished in about an hour a piece. I know if I spend more than an evening on something at the moment, the project gets harder to pick back up and finish.

Good thing is the rough style suits the grimdark 40K look well, and I am not sure a more complex, slow paintjob had added much to the finished look once they are on the tabletop.


  1. Looking good mate!

    Not too hot on 40k but you make it look worth while.

  2. Wow these are great top stuff mate.

  3. Brilliant work - I love these. Green isn't normally a colour you would associate with the Ecclesiarchy, fits beautifully though! My favourite is most certainly the powerfist and axe guy :) the storm-vermin halberds work superbly!

  4. These are great,, nice to see house cawdor get a makeover

  5. Fantastic looking minis on your blog. Particularly like this warband. Would you mind if I share some of your work onmy blog if I accredit and post links back here?


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