Thursday, January 10, 2013

Inquisimunda ecclesiarchy warband

I have been working on and of on some Inquisimunda conversions the past months that just ended up not really going anywhere. I have established a deadline that I need to finish a group of models by February, for the Build a Warband challenge that I run on So in an effort to be more efficient, I went and re-visited an older project, a Cawdor gang i built for Necromunda a few years back when we were running a campaign. The campaign burned out before I got around to painting them and they ended up in a box in the closet, where they remained until I realised they would paint up nicely as an ecclesiarchy warband for this project.

Gamewise they represent a larger quantity of models than most inquisition bands. I plan to play them as useless henchmen with low stats and ill-maintained weapons, supported by one or two competent fighters. It should provide a nice contrast to the powerful inquisitors and space marines some of the other guys have been building :) I can imagine this rag tag mob of selfrighteous illiterates getting themselves into all kinds of trouble that could further the story. Maybe they inadvertently arm a nuclear device they perceive to be an incarnation of the Emperor. Or accidently summon a demon army. Or arrives late to a battle going in the good guys favor, only to botch up and help the villains escape.. So many ideas..

The whole warband together

Specialists/ Heavies

"The leader" - Need to think up an appropriately clever gothic name for him.

Henchmen with Close combat weapons

Henchmen with ranged weapons

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  1. These are great , and put me in mind of the leader of the chaos guys in the new 40k boxset


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