Sunday, January 20, 2013

Trying out some SoBH scenarios

We managed to get an evening of gaming in the other night, and played through two games of Song of Blades and Heroes.

The setup. A 2 X 2 foot board leaving plenty of space around the dining table for
 rulebook, counters and coffee mugs.

In an effort of planning for the games, I had been looking around the web for scenarios to play, and came across the treasure trove that is Hour11gaming. Hour11gaming has kindly put together a collection of Warhammer skirmish and Mordheim scenarios, rewritten for SoBH.

We ended up playing Scenarios 15 "Claiming the gate" and 21 "The chase".

Christians orc gang

My little rag-tag group of adventurers
The forces are deployed and ready for battle.
In "Claiming the gate", two opposing warbands engage each other over a mythic portal, that each round casts a spell on models in its vicinity. The rules as written is a straight up pitched battle, which doesnt reward risking your models actually approaching the gate... So we ruled that models still alive and within long distance of the gate at the end of the game were worth double victory points.

The forces ( slowly) approaches each other.

The orcs go for the gate, but an earth elemental blocks their path!

The elemental proceeds to tear through a couple of orcs.

While the leader, rushing to join the battle, has less success.

On the other flank, the blue wizard and two handgunners try to outshoot
 the red wizard and his goblin minions.

By the end of turn 6, the adventurers are left with a small victory, mainly
due to the gate frying several of the orcs!

Having closed the gate and stopped the world from ending, the heroes now try to fight their way back to civilization, only to find themselves surrounded by orc reinforcements. Our second game was "The chase" in which an outnumbered warband try to get past the defenders to reach the opposing tableedge. The adventurers win if they can get 50% of their group to leave the table. Tough odds, considering there is only five of them vs. 9 bloodthirsty orcs.

The elemental heads towards the largest group of enemies, hoping to distract them
 while the rest of the group make their  escape.

The leader chops down the orcs blocking his path.

Meanwhile, the dwarf makes a dash for the endzone.
Oh no! It looks like this might be the end for our hero! - and so ended the game.
With only one of the adventurers making it of the table, victory in
the end went to Christian and his orcses.

All in all a good evening of gaming. Some tweaks were needed to make the scenarios flow, and I am still not 100% convinced by the SoBH rules. I prefer a bit more detail and slightly less randomness in a ruleset. Its nice to be able to just play quick games and not worry about rules though. I think next time we will try out Skulldred or GROMM, and see how they compare :)


  1. I game so infrequently that I relish the simplicity of the SoBH engine. But I know what you mean. In my ideal world I'd have a much richer rule set with a more Mordheim-like character progression system.

  2. Nice AAR thanks for posting this I've often wondered about SOBH.

  3. Yup very nice.

    You should try out a set called CROM once. Fairly simple. Costs nothing neither...

  4. Thank you for the batrep. SoBH will grow in complexity with the (optional)racially-themed army books.

    Have you tried the Song of Deeds and Glory campaign rules?

  5. Havent had the time to run linked campaign games yet, but we have been using the various rules available from the different publications. I think SoBH plays great for a fast, uncomplicated storytelling game. I do miss a ruleset that offers a bit more detail and diversity. Apples and oranges though, luckily I dont have to pick just one set of rules to follow :-)

    Torbjørn, I have the Crom rules, havent had a good look at them yet. Will definitely give them a readthrough.

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