Saturday, April 21, 2018

Adventures in The Ion Age

I have a big love of playing with small miniatures. This should come as no surprise to anyone who has read the blog ;)

My main ambition of playing with 15mm minis has been to build a large collection of models and terrain that I can dip into and play a wide selection of rulesets, usually skirmish level games.

But recently I started craving to make some forces for platoon scale sci-fi games, and decided to dive into Alternative Armies Ion Age setting, and their Patrol Angis ruleset.

( I´m totally in love with that cover. A female space marine with hair blowing in the wind, framed by an shiny 80s style logo. Bright colours and larger than life characters. Love it. )

The average Patrol Angis game is described as being around 16-22 figures, with standard formations of up to 22 models being arranged into a platoon or "Lance" formation. A typical game is usually 1 Lance vs. 1 Lance for games of about an hours length. I am aiming to build forces for several factions of 3+ lances, which should give me a good selection of troop types to choose from, and the option to play larger games.

I bought the starter set with the intention of putting together a good sized Prydian Army, and then grabbed some Xin Hegemony to fight against them. Heres the two forces I was able to put together so far. I have two more units of retained to assemble, but I ran out of 20mm bases and had to order some more from

The Prydian army so far.

Note the giant mecha made from a GW Castellan robot - A piece of fun hobby inspiration while I was glueing everything else together. In game terms, it costs about 1.5 times the points of the rest of the force.. So he wont become relevant until way further down the line. But fun to build none the less, and potentially a good place to test out company heraldry and banners. 

And the Xin Hegemony - A basic lance formation, with a couple of specialists units for flavour. More close combat oriented than the Prydian force, they should make for a nice contrasting tactical challenge to play with.

And finally some initial painting progress. A finished test model and some basic colours on the rest of the force. My estimate is that they will take me an evening or two to finish to a decent basic tabletop standard. Gotta love 15mm for the satisfaction of getting things completed quickly :)

In closing, the Ion Age is hitting the right spot for me in terms of theme, setting and wide selection of miniatures. I am hoping the rules will be to my liking as well. I will certainly make sure to share my experiences with playing games of Patrol Angis here on the blog.

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  1. Beautiful! I like the paint schemes for the Prydians a lot! Very Rogue Trader like!


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