Thursday, July 19, 2018

Soul Wars pt. 3 - The Stormcast

And here we are with the other half of the Soul Wars box - The Stormcast of the Sacrosant Chamber.

That concludes me painting up the full Soul Wars + Malign Sorcery release. I´m hoping the kids at the game store will like them, and be inspired to take up wargaming.



While working on this project and getting in the spirit of the Age of Sigmar 2.0 ´verse I have started thinking about starting armies of my own. I have a various ideas, and the only thing I can say for sure is that they are probably going to be less "out of the box" than these minis here ;)

Monday, July 09, 2018

Soul Wars pt. 2 - The Nighthaunt

I completed the first half of the Soul Wars demo set. These Nighthaunts were incredibly quick to paint, I could probably complete a full army of these very quickly. Its certainly a tempting thought :)


Sunday, July 01, 2018

Warhammer Age of Sigmar - Painting Soul Wars pt. 1

During the past week I had the privilege of painting up a set of Games Workshops new Soul Wars & Malign Sorcery releases for the game store I am currently working at.

Given the extremely short window of time available to build, base and paint up all 69 miniatures, I have tried to go for some simple, effective painting techniques.


I started by basecoating and washing all the models, before proceeding to finish them up in more manegeable batches. After 60 hours of work I did have to put brushes down and leave most of the Stormcast models at the "basecoat and wash" stage. But most importantly everything was 90% finished in time for release, and I will come back to the models and put in the last 10% next week :)

I have set time aside next week to make a step by step guide to painting the models of both factions, for now here is a short rundown of how I painted them:

The Nighthaunt

 For the Nighthaunt faction, I went with a very simple colourscheme of white basecoat, orangybrown top robes and simply sponging on highlights/ textures. I personally really like how this scheme came together, and I felt it was important for presenting the game to kids to show how quick and easy these models can be to paint. I could see myself doing this for a whole army :)

Average time to complete a model: 10-15 minutes.

The Stormcast

 For the Stormcasts I decided to reproduce the box art colours, just in a slightly simplyfied fashion.
So over a white primer I applied basecolours and washed the whole model down with army painter mid brown ( a great reddish brown colour that adds a lot of warmth to the overall look of the final model). For the highlights I simply drybrushed the metals and used 1-2 layers of lighter tones on the various colours before brybrushing up the base and covering it in grass and tufts.

Average time to complete a model: About 1 hour.

Malign Sorcery

 And finally the Endless Spells. What a great idea to incorporate physical models of spells in the game. And a nice break for me along the way to be able to paint up these very different models. Most of the colours on them were blocked in with an airbrush, before being detailed with brushwork.


In closing, these are the most fun models I have painted in a while and a great release from GW!

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