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Gaming Necromunda in 15mm scale

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I love Necromunda. When the original game came out in ´95 I was a teenager with plenty of time to kill, and I played A LOT of Necromunda :) Over the years I have run a number of campaigns and built a goodsized collection of terrain and miniatures in 28mm scale. Many gangs have risen to ( questionable) greatness under my leadership, and tales of their exploits will surely echo down the ages. Or something.

Now with family and work taking up many hours of the day, finding the time and space for playing campaign games is rather limited. I have already switched much of my personal gaming to 15mm for playing skirmish games to accomodate this. It allows me to store my terrain and miniatures in manageable sized boxes, and games can be played with friends at the dining table without needing to travel to a gaming club or store.

Another of the many benefits for me in building a dedicated 15mm Necromunda collection is that it allows a lot of flexibility in trying out new things, as new warbands and characters can be painted up in an evening or two between game sessions as needed.

With the latest version of Necromunda out in 2017, it looks like GW are set to bring out a great many supplements, with new settings and gangs and zany characters all over the place. ( Thanks GW) - But if I am to have any chance of getting to depths with the game in its current incartation, I will have to do it at a scale that allows me to build everything I need without clotting up my home and emptying my bank accounts ( Sorry GW)

While the blog carries a wider selection of 15mm hobbyscatterbrainity, this page is where I will gather together tales of my adventures in the underhive - Building, painting and playing games!

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Hive Gangers ambush imperial an imperial agent and his Killbots.

Underhivers beware: The Ratskins are on the warpath!

Arbitor Cerulean and his men are hunting for criminals among the rubble.

Noone makes 15mm Necromunda minis you say? No problem, we make our own!
Wargaming - Fun for all ages :)

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