Commission work

Price guide for miniature painting.
I have attempted here to give an estimate of commission pricing. Project, of course, vary wildly, and actual pricing will be worked out after a thorough talk about the amount of work, you wishes and expectations for the project.

Many commission painters offer 3 or more ”Levels” of quality. I have chosen to offer only two, as I find it hard to stick with ”Basic” quality. Good tabletop quality

( Basecolour, wash, 1-2 highlights)


( Exhibition/ Competition quality )

Display quality is estimated at an hourly rate of 20 EUR. Bear in mind that a single model in this quality will usually take 10+ hours of work to complete.

(25-30mm base)
20-30 EURBy demand.
Large infantry
(40mm+ baser)
( Ogres, Trolls, Terminators)
35-55 EUR.By demand.
Walkers, smaller mmonsters and vehicles.
(50mm+ bases)
( E.G. Warjacks, Dreadnoughts, T.A.G suits, Rhinos, Chariots)
80-120 EUR

By demand.
Medium sized monsters and vehicles.
( Battleengines, Landraiders, Giants)
125-200 EUR By demand.
Large sized monsters and vehicles.
( F.eks. Drager, Knights, Gargantuans)
200-400 EUR By demand.
Cleaning, assembly, simple basing and priming.
( Models are thoroughly cleaned, pinned and gapfilled where necessary)
Usually 3 EUR pr. model + 1 EUR pr. additional component for multipiece models. Really depends on the type of model and quality of casting.. By demand.
Additional work, such as extensive conversions or sculpts, freehand designs, elaborate bases etc. By demand. Full sculpts usually priced at 10-15 EUR pr. mm height. By demand.


Minimum orders of 200 EUR

Deposit of 50% of order value is required on all orders. If I need to purchase models or materials to start the project, these will be charged before project is begun.

Upon completion, buyer will be invoiced the remaining cost.

If final payment is not made within 30 days of invoice date, Imitation of Life Miniatures retain the right to keep the project and sell it on to cover any losses sustained.

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